Who do we recommend it to?

For small and medium wood entrepreneurs
who specialize in modern wood windows, balcony doors and simpler front doors.

Forget the old Excel spreadsheet

Once set up, you are only a few clicks away from the finished result.
You can re-use your saved cutting settings in any job,
and changing any of these settings will affect any doors you assign.


  • Making parts and cutting lists
  • More machine and size settings to save
  • Shutter accessory in any size
  • Hardware and glass order in PDF format
  • Real-time scaled internal drawing
  • Contrast profile management on the jamb and sash
  • Adjustable threshold instead of lower jamb
  • Paint quantity calculation based on quantity multiplier
  • Vertical or horizontal mullion
  • 2-3-4-sided normal sash division
  • Any number of mock divider
  • Parts of different widths within a door and window
  • Bidding option with different profit margins
  • Add other items to the doors and windows from your own price list
  • Two global component widths that can be varied at any time
  • Four-level sash elevation lower wing part width adjustable separately

Pictures of the program

Companies that have already used it

Video about how the program works

Program fee:

$ 150 / Year

For Premium Subscription:

$ 180 / Year

Weekly full backup, plus other extras.

For both subscriptions:

$ 20 server setup cost for the first time.

We reserve the right to change prices

Further information: